International Commerce and Foreign Investment

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Milenko Bertrand-Galindo  . +56 9 7959 1002

International Commerce and Foreign Investment

At Bertrand-Galindo we put our practical and theoretical knowledge of law to work for our clients’ needs in the context of a globalized and interconnected world. We have a vast experience specializing in international trade regulation, in its broadest terms, from investment protection treaties to the standards required in human rights and environmental matters, and conflict resolution.

Our practice is integrated with services related to cross-border infrastructure, banking law, tax, investment protection and human rights, in order to provide timely and practical advice. In this sense, we provide specialized advice in:

  • Private Equity Firms and Funds
  • Cross border transactions
  • Foreign Investment Regulatory Risk Assessment
  • Cross-border Contracts
  • Investment Project Development
  • Protection of investments